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So You Really Want to Be a Millionaire

By Marty Nemko

Thomas Stanley's book "The Millionaire Next Door" summarizes a survey of more than 700 millionaires. Most of them got rich by owning "dull-normal" businesses: a sand-blasting service, used truck parts distributor, mobile home park, etc. This rings true to me. Most millionaires I know never worked for a They more likely own a chain of gas stations, dump trucks, or food carts. Why are those pipelines to wealth? Strong need with low competition--no one grows up eager to sell gas, haul trash, or sell roach-coach sandwiches. So, to maximize your chances of accumulating wealth: own a dull-normal business.

What can you do today?
Look in the Yellow Pages. It lists virtually all businesses. Is there a dull-normal business you'd like to run?

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