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A Simple Way to Find a Career

By Marty Nemko

Looking for a fast route to a smart career choice? It's not the usual, "Take this test, fill out these worksheets, try this computer program." That standard approach fails for many people.

Here's a deceptively simple alternative: Simply scan the index of a career directory. Patricia never considered landscape architecture until she browsed the index of the Occupational Outlook Handbook. After scanning the College Board's Index of Majors and Graduate Degrees, Justin knew he wanted to be a package designer. Never in a million years would Eric have thought of becoming an acid dealer (industrial acid, not LSD, you Deadhead!), had he not skimmed the Yellow Pages index. The fast scan--a great way to start a career search. One more source of careers: My book, Cool Careers for Dummies, profiles 500 interesting careers.

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