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Employers, Be Ashamed

By Marty Nemko

Nothing makes my job-seeking clients more frustrated than being ignored. They spend hours crafting applications for jobs and then they wait. And they wait. And they wait. And they often never even get a response. Not even a damn rejection letter. Employers, ever more focused on the bottom line are thinking, "Eh, rejection letters. Doesn't contribute to the bottom line. Screw 'em."

Have a heart, jerks. You make job applicants jump through ever higher hoops-long applications and multiple interviews, and then you have the nerve to not even send a rejection letter. For shame. No wonder, more and more people are becoming anti-business.

What can you do today?
If you are hiring, send a damn rejection letter to the poor shnooks who now again must face the job market without even the closure of a rejection letter.

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