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Marty Nemko's Website

His little-known ideas on improving your worklife and education, and on men's issues

Site last updated February 20, 2018

Dear Reader,

I believe you'll find this site unusually helpful.

You'll probably find it most useful to first click on the link above to my blog. It contains my most recent writing, for example, my TIME and articles. Or read one of the featured articles on this page. They're older but probably still of particular value.

My 10th book, Careers for Dummies is now available on Amazon for pre-order.

My book, The Best of Marty Nemko is just out in its 3rd edition.

My 2-hour video course is Getting to Career Success, Step-by-Step.

And if you're interested in consulting with me privately, click on the Career Coaching tab above.

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Eight Career "Truths"That May Not Be So True

Fuller version of my UC Berkeley public lecture, June 12, 2013...[Read More]

Personal Growth

What the Hell is the Meaning of Life (Revised, June 1, 2013)

An honest summary of my journey to find the meaning of life. ...[Read More]

Make the Most of a Job

Eight Keys to Making the Most of Your Job

There are only a few true keys to success at work. This article describes them....[Read More]


Low-Risk, High-Payoff Self-Employment Ideas

Most businesses fail. This highly practical article shows how to maximize your chances of success. ...[Read More]


The Definitive Guide to Replacing Procrastination with Willpower?

This distills my 26 years of helping thousands of clients replace procrastination with willpower. ...[Read More]

Reinventing School & College

America's Most Overrated Product: Higher Education

This article explains why college is often an unwise choice, both for getting an education and enhancing one's career. It then suggests alternatives for students and parents to consider and for how colleges might improve their undergraduate program....[Read More]

Find a Career

Do What You Love and Starve?

Too often the advice to follow your passion leads to a life of poverty. This article may offer a wiser path....[Read More]

Reinventing School & College A Reinvented Online General Education Program

An immersive general education curriculum teaching, online, the content critical to the life well-led, taught by the English-speaking world's best instructors, from in and outside academia....[Read More]

Men's Issues

Our Approach to Men, Reinvented

Society treats men as though the feminist gains haven't existed. There's now tremendous unfairness to men. ...[Read More]

Find a Career

U.S. News' Best Careers, 2009 (I selected them and wrote the profiles)

I believe this is the best starting place for someone who's still not sure what he or she wants to be when s/he grows up....[Read More]

Land the Job

The One-Week Job Search

This highly effective approach to landing a job is based on my experience with 2,500 career counseling clients....[Read More]

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